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rexel-logoRexel is a global trendsetter in the distribution of electronic materials and has 19 operations in the Netherlands. Among other things, Rexel is specialised in solar panels and supplies the total package to installers. So also the edge protection systems from RSS that are needed for installers to have solar panels mounted safely on the roof.

Why has Rexel entered into an alliance with RSS? Cecil Nieuwenhuis tells the story:
"Engineers fitting solar panels on a roof need a safe working environment. But they're often on the roof for only a few hours, so we needed a system that is quickly built up and removed. RSS had such an edge protection system. It is easy, efficient and safe to use, and that saves a pile of costs. The cooperation with RSS is going really well. RSS knows where there's a need in the market. Their service is excellent, they really do think with you."
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