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new_energy_systems-07-150x112px.jpgThe Netherlands- Schimmert | Among other things, New Energy Systems installs solar panels to generate electricity and solar collectors to produce hot water on both sloping and flat roofs. The company specialises in sustainable energy. New Energy Systems recently bought two fall protection systems for sloping roofs and one for flat roofs from RSS.
“At first we only used scaffolding, but now we also use RSS. Fall protection from RSS is easy to install and works really well; we’re finished several times faster now. That saves time, so money too,” says director Nico Eurelings.” According to Eurelings the system is light, but totally safe. “We work even more safely now. We have more protection. Should anyone trip or fall on the roof, the class C system from RSS will catch him.”
New Energy Systems also works on flat roofs. “We install solar panels on flat roofs too, and use the flat roof system from RSS. That also works safely and easily. It is light and quick to build up.”

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