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foto_duitsland_2.jpg Germany - Duisburg | Roofing contractor Gerritzen in Duisburg needed to install a new layer of slated bituminous sheeting on a flat roof; the eaves (see picture) needed to be secured accordingly. Building height = 15 m   Width = 6 m; the scaffolding contractor would have had to build about 100 m² of scaffolding (costs of approx. € 500.00).
Mr Gerritzen was annoyed about the relatively high scaffolding costs. The scaffolding contractor would have had the required 100 m² of scaffolding available only after a lead time of about 1 – 2 weeks. So time was also of the essence for the roofer.

Mr Gerritzen wanted to stay flexible and asked his dealer about alternatives to the scaffolding. His attention was drawn to RSS and he quickly rented 6 metres of the RSS steep roof system.
Mounting the 6 metres of the RSS steep roof system took about 15 minutes.
Including the rental costs, Mr Gerritzen saved around € 400.00 here and the roof was finished before the scaffolding contractor would have been able to turn out in the first place.

So Mr Gerritzen won twofold with RSS: On the one hand a cost saving of approx. 80%, but on the other hand Mr Gerritzen maintained the flexibility so important to him.
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