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anl0632Belgium - Wellen | ANL Plastics develops thermo-formed plastic packaging made to measure. While this is mostly packaging for the food industry, the company also produces toys and housings for mobile phones. Two years ago, ANL Plastics built a new office building with a flat roof. RSS installed 76 metres of made-to-measure permanent fall protection there.

The permanent edge protection from RSS is an attractive and effective system. As Frank Neven said about the reasons for choosing permanent fall protection from RSS: “There was no legal requirement to place a fall protection system. But to exclude risks, ANL Plastics itself took the initiative to install permanent edge protection.” The connections for the fire brigade sit on the roof. All buildings can be reached from that roof when fighting fires. The company needed to guarantee safety during fire fighting, as well as for the regular fire brigade drills.

As a precaution, ANL Plastics placed an edge protection system from RSS. In the search for suitable fall protection, Frank Neven contacted the builders that realised the building 2 years ago. The construction company had good experience and they advised him to get in touch with Roof Safety Systems.

The permanent fall protection installed by RSS is maintenance-free. It can be moved as necessary. RSS made contact with the NAVB regarding placing of support beams. The labour inspectorate approved the system. Such certification was of course also very important.

Frank Neven is very enthusiastic, so edge protection will certainly follow on other roofs. “We may install the RSS edge protection at other places which we don’t use ourselves so much, but where our suppliers go.” So not only are their own personnel safe, but they can also rest assured when maintenance is being carried out on the roof, such as on air conditioners and ventilation systems. And stricter regulations are on the way, says Neven, “And then we’ll certainly fit permanent edge protection from RSS.

ANL Plastics NV

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