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dortmund01_150x113.jpgGermany - Dortmund | In June 2007, Dirk Böcker, director of Böcker GmbH in Dortmund, bought 24 metres of RSS roof edge protection for sloping roofs. The employees, including Dirk Böcker, are amazed by the simplicity and safety offered by the RSS system. “The roofs in the centre of Dortmund are mostly very high. So we now place the RSS system everywhere, because it can be installed in no time using our own crane. We can now handle small and large projects without first having to build permanent scaffolding. We work much more flexibly, save time and the costs are much lower relative to traditional scaffolding. I quickly earned back the first 24 metres of RSS.

In August 2007, Böcker was carrying out a roof renovation for the well-known housing association DOGEWO. During the renovation they needed to secure a total of almost 180 metres of roof edge. To do so, Böcker again ordered 24 metres of RSS roof edge protection. “The RSS system for sloping roofs can easily be used for flat roofs too. Because the system hangs on the roof edge, we could carry out the entire renovation without having to keep moving the system; it couldn’t have been easier. The housing association was also enthusiastic about the simplicity of the RSS system. After all, it saved an awful lot of scaffolding.”

At the moment, Böcker GmbH has about 50 metres of RSS edge protection. “Our employees take the RSS system to the site as standard. The RSS system is a combination of time-saving and safety on our roofs”, says Dirk Böcker.

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