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The Netherlands - Houten | Dormer windows supplier, Ruiter Dakkapellen in Ursem, is the market leader and dormer window specialist in the Netherlands. Recently they had to install 11 dormer windows at the same time, whereby they used the edge protection system from RSS.
A super system, simple to assemble and easy to use,” says Dennis Groot. If we can anchor a lifeline to the dormer window, we work with a waist harness with fall dampeners. That was not possible with this project, so you have to use an edge protection system. Erecting scaffolding is time-consuming and expensive. A dormer window is installed in one day. Scaffolding needs too much planning. First build it up one day, install the window the next day and then dismantle the scaffolding the day after. That is difficult to plan. We often want to install the window straight away and that’s not possible with scaffolding.”

So we chose RSS. “The RSS system is fast and easy to assemble. We immediately bought 7 sets of 6 metres. So we always have a set at hand when we need to install a dormer window.”

Ruiter Dakkapellen has showrooms throughout the Netherlands.

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